BIGFLEX MUSCLE MASS GAINER has Whey protein concentrate and calcium caseinate as its protein source. Whey concentrate will provide immediate rise of amino acids level in our blood stream and slow release calcium caseinate will help with prolong release of amino acids in blood stream. Combination of these two protein source will maximize recovery and improve muscle gain.

Mass gainers help people get the extra calories they need to build muscle. Perfect for young athletes and hard gainers who want to increase their caloric and protein intake to gain weight fast.

  • 547 calories
  • 15 Grams of Blended Protein
  • 120Grams of Carbohydrates 
  • 25 Vitamins and Essential Minerals 
  • 6g Essential Amino Acid Blend 
  • 1:8 Protein to Carbs ratio 
  • Cell-Volumizing Multi-Phase Creatine 
  • Added Digestive enzymes for better digestion 
  • Spikes Insulin and Replenishes Glycogen 
  • Triggers a 360% Increase in Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Best Mass and Weight Gainer: BigFlex Prime Muscle Mass Gainer is a powerful blend of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fat. This fantastic concoction energies your body and fuels you during strenuous workouts. 

    Maximum Recovery: BigFlex Prime Muscle Mass Gainer contains Whey Protein Concentrate and Calcium Caseinate. They help release amino acids and act as a reliable protein source, too, thus improving muscle gains and maximizing recovery.

    25 Vitamins and Minerals: BigFlex Prime Muscle Mass Gainer contains 25 essential vitamins and minerals and a 6g essential amino acid blend. They aid the immune system to function better and also promote good bone health.

    Increase Lean Muscle Mass: BigFlex Prime Muscle Mass Gainer contains 3g Creatine and Essential nutrients that help you gain lean muscle mass and improve your strength. 

    Available in 5 Succulent Flavours: BigFlex Prime Muscle Mass Gainer offers you a wide variety of tastes. It comes in 3 Delicious flavours:  Chocolate,  Kesar badam, & Banana and Strawberry

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    Product Introduction

    BigFlex’s Essential Mass Gainer is a protein supplement that helps you gain muscle mass. Building muscles requires an excess of calories, so BigFlex’s Essential Mass Gainer can be used to give the body the required nutrition while promoting weight gain. BigFlex’s Essential Mass Gainer is one of the most suitable product for people who want their bodies to look muscular and toned.

    It has 15 grams of high-quality protein, 120 grams of carbohydrates, and other vitamins and minerals that may be needed for a person’s nutritional requirements. To ensure that you push yourself to greater physical heights during your training, the product includes several ergogenic aids. BigFlex’s Essential Mass Gainer also includes 25 vitamins and essential minerals in the formula to help your body function properly.

    BigFlex’s Essential Muscle Mass Gainer has extra enzymes, which help to promote better digestion. It’s a high-calorie weight gainer that helps you build mass and aids your muscles in recovery by accelerating growth. The product is available in a variety of tastes and is very pleasant to consume. One of the greatest characteristics of BigFlex’s Essential Muscle Mass Gainer is its capacity to mix well with water and milk. This feature makes it simple for anybody who may prefer shakes rather than solid meals to boost their calorie intake without feeling guilty about eating too much all at once.

    Product Usage

    How and When to consume BigFlex’s Essential Mass Gainer?

    The common dosage of BigFlex’s Essential Mass Gainer is around one serving with 300 ml of chilled water or skimmed milk. You can mix the product with chilled water, milk, juice, or any beverage of your choice. It’s best taken immediately after a workout session. Post-workout supplements may be extremely beneficial for rebuilding muscles and providing the required energy to accomplish even more reps in the gym.

    Who can consume BigFlex’s Essential Mass Gainer?

    The BigFlex’ Essential Muscle Mass Gainer may be an excellent choice for individuals who wish to bulk up their bodies without sacrificing their health. It’s a wonderful method to have a healthy meal if you go to the gym for a vigorous workout. It isn’t only for people aiming to gain weight or increase muscle mass. BigFlex’s Essential Mass Gainer is also a great option for those who wish to get enough protein daily and use a high-quality nutrition or vitamin supplement.