NATURAL VITAMIN-C One of the only Vitamin C supplements formulated from Vitamin C-rich Amla and Orange, with added Flavonoids for better absorption. Each tablet contains 1000mg of Vitamin C to boost your immune system.
IMMUNE SHIELD An amalgamation of herbs , extracts, minerals and vitamins with superior antioxidant benefits to help you strengthen your immunity.
CURCUMIN EXTRACT An ancient remedy, this key extract of our household turmeric is a highly superior anti-inflammatory and immunity strengthening ingredient.
ZMA Contains the correct dose of Zinc and Magnesium. Research has proven that Zinc is a mineral that helps improve the immunity of our body. Maintaining your immune system is surprisingly easy with basic nutrition, and this basic nutrition can be attained through Pharmgrade’s Covid Fighter Kit. World renowned hospitals across the world are administering this seemingly simple formulation of vitamins to boost your recovery process. Then, we must ask the imperative question - how simple can it be to keep our loved ones and ourselves safe and well protected? Click on the link below to order your complete COVID FIGHTER KIT and secure your health and immunity.

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