We have formulated a no-holds-bar supplement with pct with all clinically efficient doses where no corners were cut to give you one of the most premium products to take charge of your health. This supplement could be your best bet at mitigating risk factors whether on or off gear.

  • Heart Support .
  • Liver Support. 
  • Kidney Support.
  • Cholesterol Support.
  • Testosterone Support.
  • Estrogen and DHT Balancer.
  • HPTA Axis Support.
  • Cortisol Regulator.
  • Immunity Booster.

  • It May Help in reducing cortisol and stress levels.
  • May Help in improving brain function.
  • May help in improving healthy eyesight.
  • It May help in detoxifying lungs.
  • It May help with reducing allergic reactions. ( Seasonal cold & cough).
  • May help in improving skin and hair.
  • May help in improving gut health.
  • May help in improving Immune Health.
  • May help in joint and tendon health.


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WE at PHARMGRADE have created a unique one-stop-shop supplement which is the first of its kind in India. A single supplement that has all the necessary armor to shield your organs and hormones.
How's that for a serious PCT?
The bottom line is that Pharmgrade has the most advanced PCT on the market, bar none. Not only is it packed with effectively dosed, clinically backed, state-of-the-art ingredients that cover all aspects of your post-cycle needs, it's also fully disclosed.


1.What is PCT

​​​​​PCT is one of the most researched and potent one-stop supplement formulas for Multi-organ support, It is for anyone who is looking for healthy organ support and not only for the people who are on performance-enhancing medication.

2.Will PCT help in any Heart problems? Will it help in Cholesterol support?

Pharmgrade PCT helps in improving HDL and Lowering triglycerides and LDL. This will also help in removing plaque from the arteries, thus improving arterial health which leads to a healthy blood pressure reading. It can also help reduce the resting heart rate. Whether one is an athlete or a general office goer, this will aid in improving any condition in regards to Heart Health and optimizing cholesterol.

3.Any side effects of PCT products?

These are all Phytonutrients which are all plant-based products, which have no side effects at the recommended dose