How to Choose the Best Supplement to Gain Muscle Mass? Mass Gainer or Whey Protein

December 30, 2021 4 min read

Fitness and good looks have become vital requisites in today’s world. Fitness is necessary to keep one going with the fast pace of life and good looks help base confidence. Looking good is not about wearing expensive make-ups and using elite cosmetics. It refers to overall well-being inside and outside. Getting mass gainer, whey protein, and muscle gainer supplements have become increasingly popular.

With the increasing sway of fitness, a lot of people are striving hard to reach their ideal body weights either by losing weight or gaining weight. But there is something to bear in mind that body weight is not just all about fat, it is basically a combination of muscle mass, bone weight, fat mass, and body water. Weight Loss basically refers to fat- loss whereas weight gain refers to obtaining more muscles and fat.

However, weight loss is a strenuous process but gaining weight is moreover a lengthy task which requires extreme dedication and commitment. It requires lots of hard work, proper diet, and appropriate muscle gainer supplement or muscle mass gainer supplements to gain even a few kilograms of weight.

For an individual to gain weight, it is very essential to consume more calories per day, than he or she is burning either through exercise or via normal daily metabolic activities occurring inside his body. If he doesn’t consume extra calories through proteins, carbohydrates, and fats (by diet and supplements), the body would not be able to gain any weight. One important point to remember is that diet and supplements work parallelly for weight loss as well as weight gain, therefore choosing the right supplement is crucial for getting the desired results.

Opting the right mass gainer supplement or muscle mass gainer supplements is very essential and it depends upon numerous variables as per individual goals. The supplements majorly used for the purpose of gaining weight are elaborated below:

1. Mass Gainers (Mass Gainer/ Lean Gainer/ Weight Gainer/ Carb Supplements)

Mass gainers contain and are supplements that are loaded with “calories” through carbohydrates and proteins with a limited amount of fats. That is why they help in gaining both fats as well as muscles. Lean gainers too are mass gainers, but they are lower on their carbohydrate content leading to lesser fat gain than mass gainers.

Whereas, weight gainers provide plenty of “calories” through carbohydrates and restricted amounts of proteins and fats, typically resulting in fat gain. Carb supplements, on the other hand, are beneficial for adding lots of carbohydrates to diet, as it is often not feasible to have sufficient carbohydrates through diet alone required for weight gain.

2. Whey Proteins and Casein

Whey Protein and Casein Supplements help to promote muscle gain majorly as they are wonderful means of consuming good quality proteins with very little carbohydrates and fats. They are generally low in calories and hence, support weight gain only through muscle gain. Whey and casein rarely lead to fat gain.

How to Choose the Best Supplement to Gain Muscle Mass?

To find out the answer to “mass gainers vs whey proteins”, the individual goal needs to be identified first. There can be various reasons behind incorporating supplements for gaining weight, some of which are listed below:

  1. You have been trying to gain weight through a healthy diet since long, but are unable to do so.
  2. You are a teenager and extremely underweight. You want to be like your friend who is of your age but has a tough- muscular body.
  3. You are a middle-aged person but have always been on the lower side of your ideal body weight.
  4. You want to become a professional bodybuilder, participate in competitions or just out of interest you want to look like a bodybuilder.
  5. You always had a strong muscular body, but have lost a considerable amount of weight and muscles either due to no workout because of official workload or due to some diseased condition such as recently discovered type 2 diabetes, etc.
Want To Build Muscle?

If you are a hard trainer who’s finding it difficult to gain weight easily and want to build a significant amount of muscle mass, you must choose a mass gainer or mass gainer supplement or mass gainer supplements based on your needs. If you are expecting slow gains with controlled body fat percentage, a Whey Protein could probably be the supplement you need.

Want To Lose Fat?

If you have already built enough muscle mass and want to cut fat, while preserving the muscle mass, it’s definitely not a simple job.
In this case, you need Whey Protein, because Whey prevents muscle catabolism while helping to gain satiety.

Want To Gain Weight/Bulk?

Do you still remain skinny no matter how much food you eat? If that’s your concern, Whey Protein is not the one you are going to benefit from, as Whey can’t help you get big and strong. Mass Gainer is the one you must go for. A Mass Gainer contains carbohydrates that spike your insulin, this leads to fat storage. Moreover, you just can’t get enough calories in a day from the food you eat. By providing high calories, a Mass Gainer helps you get bigger and stronger.

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