Nine essential amino acids will typically be combined in EAA supplements. When taken before exercise, this supplement enhances the anabolic (muscle-building) exercise response, increases muscle protein synthesis, and supports muscle protein synthesis. Big Flex offers EAA supplements in multiple flavours. Check them out to fasten up your fitness journey.

What is EAA?

The building components of muscle and protein are amino acids. The proteins in our bodies are made up of twenty amino acids. The body can produce 11 of these, but it cannot produce nine of them. The remaining nine essential amino acids help in tissue repair, muscle growth, and exercise endurance. The list of essential amino acids includes leucine, isoleucine, valine, histidine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, lysine, and tryptophan.

Benefits of Consuming EAA

Consuming and supplementing with necessary amino acids has several advantages. Some of the EAA supplements benefits are:

  • Enhances performance while delaying exhaustion
  • Avoiding oxidative harm
  • Supplying the messages and tools needed to add muscle
  • Enhancing physical performance encourages fatty acid mobilization
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Enhancing immune function
  • Aid in preventing the loss of muscle protein

Types of EAA Supplements

If you have recently started hitting the gym, you may get confused between BCAA and EAA supplements. However, to clear your confusion once and all, EAA and BCAA are two different nutritional supplements. While EAA fulfills the requirement of all the nine essential amino acids, BCAA only contains three of the essential amino acids. The main difference between these two amino acid supplements is the purpose they are used for. 

BCAAs and other amino acids that your body requires are included in EAAs. Therefore, it isn’t really a question of being better, but rather of being more complete and meeting the needs of the body.

How to Choose the Right EAA for you?

The branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) should be present in a 2:1:1 ratio as a starting point. The benefit of BCAAs is best supported by this ratio in scientific research.

Next, look for a naturally sweetened, low- or no-sugar product. Since plain amino acids have a bad flavor, most businesses employ artificial sweeteners to cover it up. Since naturally sweetening them is far more expensive, most businesses avoid doing it. Finding a brand without artificial sweeteners is preferable to avoid them.

Thirdly, shortlist amino acid supplements that also include ß-alanine, citrulline, arginine, and glutamine. They could also speed up healing and performance, increase protein synthesis, and lessen protein degradation.

Where to buy EAA’s?

You can either head to a sports nutritional store or make an online purchase to get your hands on the best EAA supplement. The best way to buy EAA online is through the official website of Big Flex. It promises to deliver an authentic product with the best EAA price. BigFlex also sells BCAA Powder, pre workout supplements, mass gainer and testosterone boosters for complete nutrition.

Which is the best EAA?

Based on your fitness goal, you can decide which best EAA from the following list is best for you:

Best EAA Supplement Flavor Weight
Big Flex Eaa (Essential Amino Acids) Black Currant 450g
Green Mango 450g
Lemon 450g
Lychee 450g
Orange 450g
Peach 450g
Pineapple 450g
Watermelon 450g

Are EAAs safe to consume?

There are no known serious side effects that have been reported when using an EAA supplement in both normal and high amounts. 

Young adults are particularly responsive to a healthy diet (especially one high in protein) and consistent muscle training. While taking an amino acid supplement is completely safe and may even have some benefits, younger people may not see the same effects as older people.


  1. Which EAA is best?

The best EAA supplement for you is Bigflex Eaa (Essential Amino Acids) – ₹2,999. Buy Here.

  1. Is EAA a good Supplement?

Taking an EAA supplement before, during, or after your workout can enhance protein synthesis, which may result in a positive protein balance and a muscle-building (anabolic) state that makes it easier for you to recover and gain muscle.

  1. Is BCAA better than EAA?

Both BCAA and EAA supplements can support muscle growth and recovery from training. However, BCAAs are better suited for people who meet their total daily protein needs but are willing to push their muscle growth, whereas EAAs are best for those who typically fall short.

  1. Can you take EAA everyday?

We strongly suggest you avoid having too much essential amino acids. To avoid any sort of consequences, consume it appropriately. Take 10 to 20gms of EAA before and during your workouts and get ready to improve muscle growth, increase your endurance, and reduce soreness post exercise.

  1. Can I consume BCAAs without exercise?

The straight-up answer to this is – yes. There isn’t much of a drawback to taking amino acids without exercising for a majority of people. However, always seek your doctor/nutritionist’s advice if you are going to consume EAA without exercising. 

  1. When should I Drink EAAs?

The two best times for most people to consume essential amino acids are as follows: 

  • Between meals 
  • Following a workout