Mass Gainer



A mass gainer is basically a powdered form supplement to help you get extra calories. It mostly consists of carbs, with some fats and a moderate amount of protein. Mass Gainer products from Big Flex come in a selection of flavors and quantities.

What is mass gainer?

Do you find it difficult gaining muscle and looking pumped? Or do you want your physique to appear healthier? If so, you must consume more calories than you burn each day and maintain a balanced diet.  

Mass gainers, commonly known as weight gainers are high-calorie supplements. They supply the body with all of the necessary proteins, carbs, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients. Each person has a unique nutritional requirement based on their body type.

Including a mass gainer in the diet results in speedier outcomes. Increased nutrition availability to the muscles with mass gainer promotes fast muscle gain and strength. Big Flex mass gainer enhances the number of calories you consume each day. As a consequence, you will gain weight and build your muscles in a fully natural manner!

Benefits of Mass Gainer

Mass gainers are common among bodybuilders and sportsmen to gain bulk muscles, owing to their high carbohydrate and protein content. Muscle gainer supplements are ideal for muscle rehabilitation post-workout. The carbohydrate-protein combination promotes total muscle recovery by mending injured muscles and replenishing glycogen reserves.

The following are some of the most significant advantages of the Big Flex muscle mass gainer- 

  1. Using mass gainers allows you to remain active and healthy. Muscle gainer supplements are high in minerals and vitamins, which are necessary for your body’s health and fitness.
  2. Mass Gainers are high in carbohydrates. These carbs provide you the energy you need for a vigorous workout.  
  3. The fiber in mass gainers helps digestion and reduces bloating. It’s a wonderful way to boost overall health and fitness.

Is mass gainer safe to consume?

Mass gainers are generally safe for most healthy people, but they do have some possible negative effects. The daily limit is 50-150 grams, which can be consumed in the form of milkshakes or blended with water. 

How to Choose the Right Mass Gainer for you?

The choice of a mass gainer should be totally based on daily diet and calorie requirements. Anyone looking to grow muscle mass and size can benefit from a mass gainer. However, it is critical to examine the calorie, carbs, protein, and fat content per serving. A gainer should be heavy in carbs and protein.

Fat content must be low since it may result in fat gain rather than muscle gain. People who have a sensitive stomach or are prone to indigestion should pick a muscle mass gainer that contains digestive enzymes. Mass gainers are effective when you work out hard since their goal is to increase muscles while gaining weight.

Which is the best Mass Gainer?

Based on your fitness goal, you can decide which best Mass Gainer supplement from the following list is best for you:

Top Mass Gainer Flavor Weight
BigFlex Essential Mass Gainer Chocolate 3kg, 1kg
Kesar Badam 3kg, 1kg
Strawberry Banana 3kg, 1kg
Bigflex Lean Mass Gainer Kesar Badam 3kg
Strawberry Banana 3kg
Bigflex Prime Mass Gainer Banana & Strawberry 6kg, 3kg, 1kg
Chocolate Cookies 6kg, 3kg, 1kg
Kesar Badam 6kg, 3kg, 1kg
Mango 3kg, 1kg
Mocha 6kg, 3kg, 1kg

Where to buy Mass Gainer?

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Buy Mass Gainer Online- Put on Weight the Healthy Way

Big Flex is an athletic nutrition and nutraceutical company that targets those who want to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Our products are created and research-backed, with specific emphasis placed on product quality and efficacy. We provide you with the best mass gainer which will simplify your journey.


  • How to consume mass gainers?

Purchase your mass gainer from a reputable source and eat it according to your goals. For example, you can take it in the morning with your breakfast. If you have a poor appetite, take it sparingly at breakfast, lunch, and supper. If you want to grow muscle, drink it after a strenuous workout. Find the right time for you and don’t sacrifice supplement quality for a better price.

  • Which is the best time to take a mass gainer?

Most fitness enthusiasts take mass gainers between 15 and 60 minutes after exercise for best muscle gain.

  • How much weight can I gain using a mass gainer?

A gainer can help you gain 3-4 kgs each month. However, the efficacy and outcomes will vary from person to person. Nutrition, exercise, and body type are all variables that influence weight growth. 

  • Can pregnant and lactating women consume gainers?  

Without talking to the doctor, it is not advisable for pregnant or lactating women to consume mass gainers.  

  • Which is better: Protein or Mass Gainers?

The supplement should be chosen based on one’s fitness objectives, as both are equally beneficial. Mass gainers are ideal for anyone looking to bulk up and gain muscular mass. Protein supplements are high in protein but low in carbs, making them ideal for lean muscle building.