Immunity Booster



What are Immunity Booster Supplements?

Immunity boosting supplements are ones that help your immune system perform better. Most immune supplements contain vitamins, fish oil, minerals and glutamine. These vitamins increase your immunity combined with a balanced diet and daily exercise.

Why you need Immunity Booster Supplements?

A healthy immune system is vital for overall well-being. There are several natural methods for increasing your immunity. Immunity-boosting vitamins, on the other hand, can help you raise your immunity more efficiently and quickly.

A stronger immune system protects you from different illnesses and disorders. It also leads to improved performance and a more enjoyable bodybuilding experience. Supplements will help you to work out for extended periods of time while getting fantastic results. Furthermore, a strong immune system is essential.

How Do I Boost my Immunity Levels?

The first line of defence is a healthy immune system. Listed below are a few things you can do to help your immune system function properly and maintain a healthy lifestyle-

  • Get enough sleep between 7-8 hours daily.
  • Eat more whole plant foods like vegetables, fruits, seeds and legumes.
  • Try to exercise daily, for at least 30 mins.
  • Take the best immune support supplements fairly.
  • Relieving stress and anxiety is also the key to a healthy immune system.

Benefits & Uses: Immunity Booster

Immune support supplements include vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, as well as minerals such as zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, and others. These components work together to help establish a strong immune system.

  • Vitamin A- promotes the effective functioning of your body’s natural defence against sickness and infection.
  • Vitamin C- keeping skin, blood vessels, bones, and cartilage healthy, as well as helping in wound healing.
  • Vitamin D- Vitamin D assists in the regulation of calcium and phosphate levels in the body.
  • Vitamin E- This potent antioxidant is fat-soluble and supports immune development.

Best Supplements to Boost Immunity

Here are our 2 supplements to boost immune system-

  • Pharmgrade Healthy Living Fitness Pack- This is a pack of 5 products including AAKG, Electrolytes, Caffeine, Garcinia Cambogia and Melatonin. All being rich in antioxidants help in building immunity.
  • Pharmgrade Healthy Living Immunity Kit- This kit offers Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Zinc and Ashwagandha. All products help in overall recovery as well as aid in releasing stress.

Where to buy the Best Immunity Boosting Supplements Online in India

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Best Immunity Boosting Products List In India – Big Flex

Based on your workout plan, you can select the ideal Immunity supplement from the list below:

Top Immunity boosters Kit includes
Pharmgrade Healthy Living Fitness Pack  AAKG, Electrolytes, Caffeine, Garcinia Cambogia, Melatonin 
Pharmgrade Healthy Living Immunity Kit Zinc, Multivitamin, Vitamin C and Ashwagandha


  • How can I Increase my Immunity Power Naturally?
    To support a healthy immune system, it is important to consume the right vitamins that help your body stay strong. To work well your immune system needs healthful foods, exercise and low stress. If you consume ingredients and vitamins like Vitamins, Zinc and Ashwagandha in your diet, it will help increase your immunity power.
    Our immunity supplements are a great way to keep your body both fit and healthy. We use the most natural products to make sure the process is more effective.
  • What Vitamins are good for the Immune System?
    Vitamins that are good for the immune system are Vitamin A, C, D and E.
    1.Vitamin A- develops resistance to respiratory infections and other illnesses.
    2.Vitamin C- It provides protection against harmful effects.
    3.Vitamin D- It controls the synthesis of a protein that selectively destroys infectious organisms such as bacteria and viruses.
    4.Vitamin E- It is involved in cell signalling, gene expression control, and other metabolic activities.
  • What Impacts the Immunity System?
    The immune system is meant to identify and remove foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses within the body. Several factors, including sleep, nutrition, stress, and cleanliness can all impact immune system performance. Any deviations from these habits can have a negative impact on immune function.
  • What Foods Support the Immunity System?
    Feeding your body certain foods like citrus fruits, green vegetables, yoghurt, almonds, and seeds help keep your immune strong. The key to good nutrition is variety. Pay attention to serving sizes and suggested daily consumption to avoid getting too much of one vitamin and not enough of others.