Bone Health/Calcium


What Are Bone Health Supplements?

As you age, the body needs specialised vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to maintain strong bones. That process can be hampered if certain nutrients are not present. That’s why it’s vital to eat well and have an active lifestyle.
However, diet and exercise may not be sufficient. Make sure your health regimen includes bone-building elements like vitamin D3, boron, calcium, and magnesium for the best effects. For such reasons, bone health supplements are available to keep the bone healthy.

Benefits & Uses: Bone Health Supplements

Bone health supplement are important for the health and maintenance of bones. Let’s take a look at some benefits of bone health supplements-

  • They help improve the bone mineral density 
  • Facilitate bone health 
  • Prevent weak and broken bones

How to Choose the Right Bone Health Supplements for you?

There are several products available on the internet which can make choosing one tricky. Selecting the right bone health supplement can be made easy when you know your objectives. Big Flex offers two kinds of products- Pharmgrade Healthy Living Boron and Pharmgrade Bone Aid to choose from according to your goal.

Best Bone Health Supplements Online in India

At Big Flex, we have two bone and joint health supplements like-

  1. Pharmgrade Bone Aid– These tablets are added with vitamin D3 & Vitamin K27 for maximum absorption. Not just that but they also help in improving bone mineral density.
  2. Pharmgrade Healthy Living CCM– The body needs calcium to maintain strong bones, and with our products, it is assured. The Pharmgrade Healthy Living CCM helps in supporting healthy bones.

Where to buy the Bone Supplements Online in India

A good calcium supplement is essential for healthy, young bones, and with Big Flex’s vitamin supplements for bone health, you can achieve this. We also have mass gainer, pre workout powder, immune booster supplements, fish oil supplements and supplements for bones and joints which you can take a look at. All products are of the best quality and come with great discounts.

Best Bone Health Supplements Product List In India – BigFlex

Product Name Description
Pharmgrade Healthy Living CCM Better bone efficiency
Pharmgrade Bone Aid Improves the bone mineral density


  • How can I improve my Bone Health?
    There are certain ways to keep your bone healthy by including plenty of calcium in your diet, paying attention to vitamin D, including some physical exercise in your routine and if still not then bone health supplements are an efficient form too.
  • What are the Best Vitamins for Bone?
    Getting adequate calcium and vitamin D in your diet can help you keep your bones strong and reduce your chance of getting any future problems.
  • What are the Benefits of Bone Health Nutrients?
    There are many nutrients that provide bone health and their benefits and functions are-
    1.Vitamin D- Is necessary for calcium to absorb in the intestine. Hence, Vitamins for bone health are vital.
    2.Calcium- If you don’t receive enough calcium from diet or supplements, your body will extract calcium from your bones.
    3.Magnesium- This allows optimal calcium and vitamin D management.
    4.Phosphorus- Essential for balancing acidic meals that may otherwise injure a bone.
  • How can I Increase my Bone Density Naturally?
    There are certain ways we can maintain bone density naturally and it is done by including plenty of calcium in your diet. Vitamin D is also an integral source, from eating salmon, tuna, eggs and milk. Exercising is another great way of increasing bone density just by simply walking or jogging.