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BigFlex’s Essential BCAA is a potent branched-chain amino acid supplement that may helps fitness enthusiasts gain muscle and strength. It may help in providing fuel for your muscles, allowing you to push yourself harder during workouts. It is made with high-quality ingredients, BigFlex’s Essential BCAA may be safe and effective for anyone who wants to get the most out of their fitness routine.When you?re working out intensely, your body may break down muscle fibers for energy. By supplementing with BigFlex’s Essential BCAA powder before or after workouts, you?ll have plenty of BCAA available for use by your muscles throughout each training session.

This may also help in keeping blood sugar levels steady, so your brain stays focused, and you can power through your workouts. BCAA may also help prevent muscle degradation when the body is stressed by high amounts of lactic acid or cortisol. When you can work out harder and recover faster, you may burn more calories in less time.

BigFlex’s Essential BCAA is available in four succulent flavors: Cola Fizz, Orange Fizz, Watermelon, and Green Apple. You can mix BCAA and protein shakes or smoothies or have BCAA in chilled water. It comes in a handy 250 grams jar for easy storage and portability. The BCAA supplement contains 31 servings, so it may be ideal for both long-term use and daily workouts.

Helps in Increasing Strength

BCAA helps build lean muscle so you can increase your strength and endurance. BCAA supplementation has been indicated to improve recovery time by decreasing the amount of muscle tissue breakdown during exercise. BigFlex’s Essential BCAA can be more than just an amino acid; it’s a BCAA combo that may provide superior absorption and results when compared with any typical BCAA supplements.

Made to Support Intense Workouts

BigFlex’s Essential BCAA may help reduce fatigue during high-intense workouts. It may reduce the risk of injury by helping in reducing muscle breakdown, therefore supporting you in lifting heavier weights. BCAA can be a key component for an intense workout, especially for athletes. It also helps in boosting fat loss by increasing blood lactate levels, which may help improve recovery time and decrease muscle soreness.

Helps in Decreasing Muscle Soreness

Another excellent benefit of BigFlex’s Essential BCAA is that, this formula may help to reduce muscle soreness after intense workouts. When we work out, we may experience microtrauma in the muscles that may cause inflammation, and the body’s natural response is to repair itself over time, resulting in muscle growth and development. The more intense and frequent your training, the greater the micro-trauma you may be placing on your muscles, and BigFlex’s Essential BCAA may help relieve some of that soreness.

How and When to use BigFlex’s Essential BCAA?

Take 1 or 2 scoops of BigFlex’s Essential BCAA with 250 to 300ml of chilled water, 30 mins before your workout or any sporting activity. It is important to get enough amino acids into the body before exercise to benefit both performance and recovery.

Who should consume BigFlex’s Essential BCAA?

Any fitness enthusiast who wants to gain muscle and strength may find BigFlex’s Essential BCAA useful. BigFlex’s Essential BCAA may be perfect for anybody who does intense workouts or looking to go leaner, harder & stronger.


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99 reviews for Bigflex Essential BCAA, 31 Servings

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    Perfect choice for anyone interested in a different flavoured supplement.Bigflex BCAA is best.

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    PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS AND INTERMEDIATE GYMMERS. I would suggest you to buy if you are serious enough towards your fitness journey

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    My first BCAA, it helps u last your work out for couple of hours easily. As I work out at the end of my day post office hours hence it helps me sustain the intensity and complete the work out.

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    The watermelon flavour is quite good.Good for those beginning their workouts with some moderate weight lifting and cardio.

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    It is effective as it really recover muscle. I taken this product during the workout or sometimes pre workout. It has good taste, instant mix in water.

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    Good product, gives boost during workouts. More importantly it?s dissolve in water in less than 10 sec which means it?s original and high quality product.

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    Excellent Taste.. I was curious to buy…But trust me its great tasting Bcaa?thank you bigflex.

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    The flavor is too good. When I do advanced level workout and often I use it then I do 4-5 reps more.

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    It’s a good product for beginners as I’m getting good results and my strength is also increased.Trust worthy brand.

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    Original Product Start using Indian Brand it’s good .. Good Taste.Beginner can also try this

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    Initially i was feeling no difference. But now after 2 weeks of usage, i do. When you are tired after 3 reps of a workout, if u take a sip of this , you feel energetic for a 4th rep.

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    Good for muscle building.This BCAA is a great product for muscle building as it makes your muscle recovery faster and it has all the essential amino acids needed for muscle building which u cannot properly get from vegetarian foods and in a proper ratio.

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    Khan Hindi

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