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HIGH-CALORIE FORMULA: This Super Gainer is exquisitely crafted for elite fitness enthusiasts who strive to gain huge muscles & a sturdy physique with a high-calorie formula that helps you meet your increased calorie requirements CLEAN & HIGH-QUALITY PROTEIN: LMG offers you 30 grams of protein derived from quality sources per 100 grams of serving. It contains a blend of fast and slow-acting protein sources that help in faster muscle recovery.

High Protein

BIGFLEX LMG (LEAN MASS GAINER) contains a premium-quality blend of fast and slow-acting protein sources offering 30 grams of protein per serving. It increases the availability of amino acids for a longer duration, supports muscle growth, and increases muscle mass, maintains bone density, and reduces fatigue during workouts

Dietary Fibre & Enzymes

Dietary Fibre & EnzymesBIGFLEX LMG (LEAN MASS GAINER) contains dietary fibre & enzymes to boost metabolism and improve overall digestive wellbeing. Dietary fibre also keeps you feeling satiated for longer, reducing hunger pangs to maintain calorie intake.

Clean Calories

Delivers over 380 calories and high-quality whey protein along with highly digestible complex carbohydrates. The ratio of 1:2 Protein & Carbs ratio makes this gainer cleanest and perfect for serving its purpose of muscle building

Simply consume with 300ml of chilled water.

Helps to felicitate Muscles, Muscle Recovery, and Growth, Improve Performance & strength.

How and When to Consume Bigflex Lean Mass Gainer

Bigflex LMG can be taken Post-workout, First thing morning, and also as a meal replacement whenever you feel you are missing or delaying the meal. Take 2 servings a day for best results. Simply consume with 300ml of chilled water.

Who can consume BigFlex Lean Mass Gainer

To everyone who is aspiring to build lean muscle mass, the ones who have a highly- active metabolism, Ones with a weaker appetite, and especially the ones who have an on-the-run lifestyle which makes it a real challenge to get enough calories from food. Also, professionals who compete in bodybuilding and powerlifting have can see a mega change in terms of results.


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