Bigflex Prime Bcaa Branch Chain Amino Acid

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7 Grams BCAA7G BCAA in Optimal 2:1:1 Ratio

PRIME BCAA with 5G of BCAAs helps to boost endurance and stamina needed for a powerful workout and athletic performance to drive the best results. It helps to build muscle strength and assists in quick recovery. Also, it benefits in reducing muscle loss to help you train better and achieve your fitness goals

Prevents Fatigue

BigFlex BCAA prevents fatigue, so you can train longer and harder Than ever before. The high levels of beta-alanine in this product will give you Increased stamina, so you won’t get tired halfway through your weight training Routine. The 200g of Electrolyte Blend also proves to be useful by quickly Replenishing the energy you lose in a workout.

Low In Calories

Our powerful 7,000 mg per serving BCAA Powder is the ultimate source of essential amino acids designed to support any exercise or weightlifting regimen. Instant mixing powder makes daily supplementation easier than ever. Simply mix with your favourite juice, protein shake, or any beverage, and enjoy!

How and When to Consume Bigflex BCAA ?

You can consume BigFlex BCAA anytime you like, although, for Optimal results, we recommend taking it before or after the workout. Mix one Scoop of 12 grams BigFlex BCAA in 250 ml of water. Stir it with a spoon and Consume it twice daily for the best results.

Who can consume Bigflex BCAA ?

BigFlex BCAA is perfect for anyone who wants to train harder and Prolong their stamina, as well as those who want to see quick results such as Increased muscle growth. It is caffeine, gluten, and soy-free, making it Accessible to more people. It is Sugar-free too, which makes it great for Calorie-conscious people.


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