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  • 6g Essential Amino acid blend – Helps gain muscle mass 1:8 protein to carb ratio muscle mass Creatine: BigFlex’s Mass gainer supplements like mass gainers help lead to a higher protein synthesis in the body. Building muscle and strength in addition to working out regularly can double lean muscle growth. Different levels of macronutrients can be found in BigFlex’s mass gainer supplement which also contains additional ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and creatine.
  • Cell volumizing multiphase creatine: Creatine supplementation has frequently been proved to be an effective strategy to boost muscle growth when paired with exercise. Big Flex’s mass gainer’s core goal is to increase calories while encouraging strength and development. BigFlex Mass Gainer one serving with 300 ml of liquid, you can mix the product with water,milk or any beverage of your choice. It’s best taken immediately after a workout session.
  • Spikes insulin & replenishes glycogen: Your glycogen stores will be reduced if you run or lift weights. After an exercise, your body starts to run low on glycogen. When this occurs, the body is forced to convert to using fat for fuel. BigFlex’s muscle mass gainer boosts insulin levels and replenishes glycogen stores. You need to replenish your glycogen reserves for the day because they depleted over night.The muscle mass gainer from BigFlex is a popular option because of the way it’s formulated.
  • Triggers a 360% increase in muscle protein synthesis: BigFlex’s Mass gainer supplements like mass gainers lead to a higher protein synthesis in the body. Participating in vigorous physical exercise needs to consume more meals to get the nutrients they need. Instead of getting your macros from unhealthy sources like chips & processed foods, utilizing a supplement with protein & carbohydrates, like BigFlex’s bulk gainer supplement for men, is a convenient way to enhance caloric consumption.
  • Added digizime for better digestion helps to build strength: Digestive enzymes are also included in the muscle mass gainer from BigFlex. This causes a reduction in the absorption of particular macronutrients and is occasionally used to treat obesity and speed up weight loss. Digizyme, a Digestive enzyme aids in dissolving macronutrients for easy absorption. BigFlex’s mass gainer has a mouthwatering chocolate flavor and is sweetened with a non-caloric sweetener.

Advanced Weight Management

Bigflex Apple Cider Vinegar helps manage your bloating & keeps digestion strong. It helps with metabolic activity in the system and allows for a healthy & effective way to balance your meals. Helps to control your appetite & keep your tummy full! Other than any kind of supplements, these tablets provide an effective & easy way to deal with gut management & weight loss.

Promotes Healthy Skin

Along with the additional goodness of pomegranate and vitamin C, Bigflex Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Effervescent Tablet also contains added vitamins Vit-B12 and B6, which further enhance the benefits of this effervescent tablet. Each tablet contains 500 mg of natural apple cider vinegar extract. Not to mention, it is absorbed by the body much more effectively.

Healthy Gut

Apple Cider Vinegar: Helps in weight loss & boosts metabolism. Apple Cider Vinegar Effervescent Tablets are made using 500mg organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Bigflex Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Effervescent Tablet, helps to maintain digestion, assist in weight loss in a fun easy way! Available in yummy flavors which is delectable by all age groups. In one packet, you get the goodness of 20 tablets along with many other vitamins such as Vitamin C , Vitamin B6 and B12.

Simply add a Bigflex Effervescent tablet to a glass or bottle of water (200 ml)

Watch the fizz. Focus, the day is long, think of all the possibilities

Drink & Enjoy The Delicious Flavour

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