Bigflex Refuel Isotonic Drink, 1Kg

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RE-FUEL- ISOTONIC DRINK is a scientifically proven formula consisting of Carbohydrates, Potassium, Sodium and Vitamins which helps in rehydrating the body along with Energy recovery. RE-FUEL- ISOTONIC DRINK

helps muscle recovery during intense workouts and helps retain muscles.

Intense workouts and change in exercise routines may cause severe muscular cramps, RE-FUEL- ISOTONIC DRINK is developed to keep the essential minerals in check to reduce the frequency and impact of cramps.

Faster Recovery

RE-FUEL- ISOTONIC DRINK is a scientifically designed formula that is also formulated to provide faster recovery time for athletes. Unique BCAA blend provides an efficient mechanism for the consumption of protein which goes towards quicker muscle recovery action.

Restore Electrolytes

This energy mix comes with added vitamins and minerals to compensate for their loss after excessive physical activity or a hot summer day. It will cover all essential electrolytes required to maintain the natural equilibrium of the same.

Replenish Energy

Our instant absorb formula and isotonic nature make it possible to quickly replenish energy reserves caused by a strenuous workout session or prolonged physical activity. Now maintain peak athletic performance for a longer period of time.

1 Serving Into Approx 200Ml Water

What is Refuel

The Blast Of Glucose, Electrolytes, Antioxidants, Amino Acids & Taurine To Refuel Your Energy

Why Refuel?

To Maximize Your Performance, Fast Recovery And For Extreme Energy


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