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Ashwagandha, formally known as Withania Somnifera, is also known as Indian Ginseng. It is used as a medicinal herb in traditional healing practices. This ancient herb has been clinically proven to reduce, and finally eliminate, anxiety and tension. Ashwagandha is a potent antioxidant that has an anabolic impact by lowering cortisol levels. Our Pharmgrade Healthy Living Ashwagandha helps in supporting a healthy immune system.

Pharmgrade Healthy Living Ashwagandha helps in increasing muscle mass and building stamina.

Ashwagandha alleviates anxiety and stress by lowering stress hormone levels. It also promotes mental well-being and better attention.

Ashwagandha improves stamina and muscular recovery, ultimately improving sports performance.

The recommended dosage of Pharmgrade Healthy Living Ashwagandha is one tablet twice daily after meal.

It can be consumed at any time of the day.

Anyone including Gym Goers and people who want to lead an active lifestyle can consume Ashwagandha.



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