Pharmgrade Healthy Living Essential Electrolytes, 60 Tabs

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Electrolytes enable electrical impulses in the heart, allowing the heart to function properly. Sodium, potassium, phosphate, calcium, chloride and magnesium are the major electrolytes. Electrolyte levels in bodybuilders fluctuate with changes in water levels. Without electrolytes, your muscles won’t contract or allow you to stay flexible. Pharmgrade Healthy Living Essential Electrolytes energises and hydrates your body by restoring electrolytes. Low electrolyte levels can cause brain swelling, dizziness, abnormal heart rate, and other symptoms.

Helps in enhancing exercise performance and improves cognition.

Leads to the reduction of stress and anxiety and aids in promoting a sound sleep.

Aids in strengthening the muscles & bones.

One must consume Big Flex’s Pharmgrade Healthy Living Essential Electrolytes along with the meals.

It is recommended for the Gym Goers who does strenuous workout.

It should be dissolved well in water before consumption.




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