Pharmgrade Healthy Living Melatonin, 60 Tabs

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Do you know how Melatonin works in your body? Brain produces the hormone called Melatonin in response to the darkness. It aids with the timing of your circadian rhythm during your sleep and that’s when exposure to light during your sleep breaks the production of Melatonin. Big Flex’s Pharmgrade Healthy Living Melatonin tablets aid in fighting insomnia and improves sleep conditions such as jet lag. Good sleep means better recovery and that’s why bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts love Melatonin in their daily diet.

Helps improve sleep and insomnia.

Melatonin is a special kind of “clean” antioxidant, meaning that it’s able to protect cells without triggering the production of free radicals. This appears to be important for immune cells, including phagocyte cells.

Boosts workout recovery due to better rest.

Inadequate sleep can interfere with optimal body function and overall fitness. If you have trouble sleeping, you might have heard that melatonin could help. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in the body. It can also be taken as a supplement.

Helps in reducing the exercise-induced oxidative stress.

Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland, a small gland located in the brain. Melatonin helps control your sleep and wake cycles, it inhibits melanin formation and is thought to be concerned with regulating the reproductive cycle. Very small amounts of it are found in foods such as meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables. You can also buy it as a supplement.

It is essential to consume 8 mg of melatonin dose per day.

Melatonin is reccomended for bodybuilders as it makes it easy to recover and grow muscles.

The tablet should be taken 1 or 2 hours before going to bed.




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