PharmGrade Healthy Living Multivitamin, 60 Tablets

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    Practically, it is a tedious task to get all these micronutrients from diet alone. This is why PHARMGRADE MULTIVITAMIN is formulated so that you don’t have to struggle to meet your daily micronutrient needs. This potent formula contains 13 vitamins and 12 minerals that help in building staunch immunity and boost energy and stamina. This product is the ideal choice for those who want to live an active and fit lifestyle full of energy and enthusiasm.

    Immunity Benefits

    Stronger immunity is the need of the hour! A stronger immune system acts as a firewall for your body and prevents antigens from entering your system. Vitamins and minerals are the essential micronutrients that are quintessential for various metabolic processes and work as great immunity boosters. Without these, the assimilation of other nutrients that you acquire through your diet is not maximum

    Cellular Health

    The great blend of all these vitamins and minerals with 100% RDA of all vitamins and 7 minerals help in providing the maximum benefit from these and build high energy levels. PHARMGRADE MULTIVITAMIN not only fulfills your micronutrient needs but also keeps you energized enough to perform workouts and regular activities.

    Antioxidant Support

    PHARMGRADE MULTIVITAMIN contains a unique blend of digestive enzymes like lipase, papain, and amylase. Lipase helps in the complete digestion of fats into smaller fatty acids. Papain, a proteolytic enzyme, breaks down protein into peptides & amino acids. Amylase breaks down starch to maltose and then afterward hydrolyze it to glucose.

    1 Serving daily


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