Bigflex Essential Raw whey Protein Up to 26%

Product Introduction

BigFlex’s Essential Raw Whey Protein is one of the best fitness supplement that may help you get your body in the shape you always dreamt it to be! The 24g of raw whey protein per serving makes it a fruitful supplement for your daily workout regimen. Moreover, there is no added sugar which makes it a healthy choice. Finally, the 4.38g of Branched Chain Amino Acids per serving supports high protein synthesis and muscle development for a fantastic workout routine.

BigFlex’s Essential Raw Whey Protein helps with the building and recovery of muscle tissue. The Raw Whey protein also helps in increases strength, reduces fatigue, improves immunity, and can be a substantial energy source. It contains Digezyme too, which further helps in enhancing digestion and helps your body get the most out of the Raw Whey Protein.

Product Usage

How and When to Consume?

Take a scoop of 30g and mix it with the choice of your liquid. You can consume it before and after your workout. You can drink it during your leisure time as well.

Who Can Use BigFlex’s Essential Raw Whey Protein?

If you are looking for a fitness supplement that can help you build muscle, lose weight and stay healthy, then BigFlex’s Essential Raw Whey Protein is for you! It is suitable for people who want to bulk up or wish to remain fit with regular workouts.