Pharmgrade Immunity Booster Kit

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Immunity Booster Kit(Multi-Vitamin, Ashwagandha, Vitamin-C, Zinc)

Immunity Booster Kit(Multi-Vitamin, Ashwagandha, Vitamin-C, Zinc)

Immunity Booster Kit(Multi-Vitamin, Ashwagandha, Vitamin-C, Zinc)

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Immunity can be defined as a complex biological system endowed with the capability to recognize and tolerate whatever belongs to the self and to recognize and reject what is foreign (non-self). (Encyclopedia of Biomedical Engineering, 2019)

In short, Immunity refers to the body’s ability to prevent the invasion of pathogens.




The typical Indian is undergoing a nutritional transition resulting in a high-fat, high-salt, and high-sugar diet, as well as a sedentary lifestyle and low fibre intake. A substantial number of Indians consume fewer vitamins and other micronutrients than are required. The lack of a balanced diet, sedentary lifestyle and disturbed sleep patterns all play a role in weakened immunity. With the increase in disease-causing pathogens, the need for immunity in current times is bolstering.


There are essentially 3 types of immunity. They are namely, Active, Passive and Innate Immunity.


When you are infected with or vaccinated against foreign material, you acquire active immunity, also known as adaptive immunity. Active immunity normally lasts a long time. It can last your entire life for many diseases.


When you acquire antibodies to a disease rather than generating them yourself, you are said to have passive immunity. Antibodies pass on from mothers, for example, they are present in newborns. Passive immunity can also be obtained by the use of blood products containing antibodies. This type of immunity provides immediate protection. However, it is only for a few weeks or months.


Innate immunity refers to the defences you are born with. It is the first line of defence for your body. The skin and mucous membranes are examples of barriers. They keep potentially dangerous substances out of the body. It also contains cells and molecules that are capable of attacking foreign substances.



Bigflex, India’s very own nutraceutical brand, has come up with a special solution for boosting immunity among consumers to help the current pandemic situation. Selecting important ingredients such as ashwagandha, vitamin C and zinc, and using in-depth research to formulate tablets that can be easily consumed for immunity boosting. Let us delve into the benefits of each of these Bigflex Immunity Booster kit products.

The kit consists of four different jars each containing sixty tablets. They are:-


  1. Bigflex Pharmgrade Multivitamin tablets


Good quality multivitamins, such as Bigflex multivitamins, must be included in one's daily routine to stay healthy and active and to care for many aspects of well-being.

With today's fast-paced lifestyle that includes a lot of stress, inconsistent eating habits, lack of physical activity, and other factors, it's critical to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to execute various activities.

Withmultivitamin tablets, you get all the essential minerals, vitamins, and other trace elements in a single tablet.

Bigflex pharm grade Multivitamins tablets help in:


  1. Bigflex Pharmgrade Ashwagandha tablets

The evergreen shrub named ashwagandha grows throughout India, the Middle East, and portions of Africa. It has been used in traditional medicine for a long time.

The roots and orange-red fruit of ashwagandha have been utilised for medical purposes for hundreds of years. Indian ginseng and winter cherry are two other names for the medicinal herb.

Bigflex combined all the goodness in the form of a small tablet that made it easily accessible and consumable.


Bigflex pharm grade Ashwagandha tablets help in:


  1. Bigflex Pharmgrade Vitamin C tablets

If you're wondering why you should take vitamin C supplements apart from eating vitamin C-rich foods, here's why! Vitamin C supplements are made with a variety of additional nutrients to assist you to improve your health and lifestyle. A single food item cannot offer your body all of the nutrients it requires.

When we speak about the best vitamin c tablets or capsules, then the first name that should pop into our head isBigflex pharm grade vitamin Csupplements.


Bigflex pharm grade Vitamin C tablets help in:


  1. Bigflex Pharmgrade Zinc tablets

Zinc is a vital micronutrient that affects nearly every facet of your health. It is the second most abundantly found mineral in your body, after iron. Without its presence in the required amount, the body would not be smoothly functioning.

It’s easier to get the needed amount in the form of small tablets that are made specifically to ease the body’s functions and help the immune system. Zinc supplements come in a variety of forms and are commonly used to treat an assortment of diseases.

In recent studies, zinc has proven to improve immunological function, blood sugar control, and skin, eye, and heart health. That's why Bigflex chose to includezinc tablets in the Bigflex pharm grade immunity booster kit.


Bigflex pharm grade Zinc tabletshelp in:


Bigflex wanted to help alleviate the trouble of ill health during the current situation. We came up with this innovative immunity booster kit which contains four different tablet boxes each serving a particular purpose while helping you to strengthen your immunity.

TheAshwagandha,Vitamin C, Multivitamins andZinc tablets all come in small jars. Each jar contains 60 tablets. It is recommended that one has each of these every morning and night for the best results. One kit hence is an immunity-boosting solution for at least one month per person.

Bigflex pharm grade immunity booster kit is the perfect blend of all the essential nutrients you’d need in your system to support and aid energy endurance, daily nutrition and keep the body's immunity level at the peak.

Bigflex pharm grade living believes in purity, precision and potency. Made with the best quality ingredients to deliver promising results, our nutraceutical products are everything you need to lead a healthy life.

At extremely affordable prices,the Bigflex pharm grade immunity booster kit would save you from spending lakhs of rupees in paying hospital bills from raging illnesses. It’s as pocket-friendly as it gets.

Bigflex pharm grade immunity booster kitwould be delivered to your doorstep within 10 to 12 days after you place your order. This makes maintaining good health convenient in the comfort of your humble abode.

We will cancel your order and send you an email notifying you of the cancellation if we are unable to dispatch it within 7 working days of receiving it. Your payment will be refunded in the same manner as it was made in this case.


Bigflex offers a wide range of nutraceutical products made in India specially to match the daily requirements of Indians. It’s aimed at making the quality of life better. FromBCAA protein powder,EAA supplements, Mass gainers,Testosteroneboosters, to immunity booster kits and more, avail everything you need from a trustworthy brand like ours.