Bigflex Essential Raw Isolate Protein 1Kg - Flat 30%

Product Introduction

BigFlex’s Essential Raw Whey Isolate is a potent fitness supplement that helps in making your workouts extremely productive. The 27g of whey protein isolate per serving makes it a powerful fuel to help in muscle builder. The 5.46g of BCAA in each serving supports your muscles to grow faster and efficiently, without much fat accumulation.

Whey isolate is made by separating the fatty acids and lactose from whey using a low-temperature microfiltration process. This creates a pure whey protein that contains 90% protein along with only trace amounts of fat and carbohydrates per serving.

BigFlex Essential Raw Whey Isolate contains one of the purest forms of Whey Protein that one can find in the market. It is manufactured under stringent quality controls and industry-grade equipment to helps in making sure you get the most refined product.

Product Usage

How and When to consume?

BigFlex’s Essential Raw Whey Isolate is available in packs of 250gms, 500 grams and 1 Kg containing 8, 16 and 33 servings, respectively. Mix 1 serving (30 g) of BigFlex’s Essential Raw Whey Isolate with 200 ml of chilled water in a shaker bottle. Stir to make sure the powder is dissolved correctly. Consume once or twice daily for maximum benefit.

Who can benefit from supplementing with BigFlex’s Essential Raw Whey Isolate?

BigFlex’s Essential Raw Whey Isolate is perfect for anyone looking to increase muscle mass while effectively losing fat. It also helps athletes and bodybuilders improve their performance by supporting faster recovery and stronger muscles.