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What is an EAA supplement?

EAA stands for Essential Amino Acids. These essential amino acids fuel the muscle protein synthesis. This helps and allows our body to function, recover and grow properly. When an individual uses EAA or essential amino acids during the preworkout, it is believed that it helps increase the body's anabolic or muscle building responses to the exercise performance.

What is EAA made up of?

These supplements are made up of specific amino acids which are considered extremely essential. Of the 20 Amino Acids, 9 are considered Essential with Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine - the BCAAs - being amongst the most well known EAAs.

Fun fact:  All BCAAs are EAAs, but not all EAAs are BCAAs.

What are the nine essential amino acids?

What makes these amino acids 'essential?'

Here are a few reasons:

- We require these acids for all kinds of work and tasks that we undertake.

- While our bodies can produce some of  these amino acids on their own, there are some that it cannot.

- These essential amino acids are the ones that our bodies cannot make on their own.

- To fulfil that, we consume it via foods, supplements or both.

- If you don't get enough Essential Aminos Acids from your diet, a deficiency may exist making an Essential Amino Acid (EAA) Supplement or a Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) Supplement a really good idea.

What do these EAA supplements do?

- They help fuel the MPS or muscle protein synthesis.

- Helps increase the anabolic exercise response when these supplements are consumed during preworkout.

- It helps in increasing protein synthesis.

- This can help create a positive protein balance.

- It results in a muscle building or anabolic state that allows us to recover and build our muscles more easily.

How can one take an essential amino acid supplement?

Drinking a high-quality EAA during preworkout or while your workout or compete can be beneficial. Why does this consumption method work? It helps us to ensure that we have EAAs or essential amino acids in our system before or prior to the workout, which by the way can oftentimes be a strenuous one. It is not that we just have it at the start of it all.

Having an essential amino acid supplement with added electrolytes can help with an exercise induced hydration that one may encounter.

In what forms are EAAs available in?

EAAs are generally vended in a pill or powder form with a serving size of anywhere from 1 to 15 grams. Like utmost salutary supplements, powder is generally cheaper because with capsules the convenience factor influences and increases the cost. While neither forms of pure EAAs contain calories it is better mentioned to always look at the nutrition marker because some brands and products contain and add anything from a sweetener to caffeine to amino acid supplements which can change the nature and the effectiveness of the product greatly.

Who should supplement with EAAs?

All the three essential amino acids make up BCAAs or branched chain amino acids. These contain:

- Leucine

- Isoleucine

- Valine

One thing that EAAs or essential amino acids have over BCAAs branched chain amino acids is

that it covers more bases in that it includes a wider amino acid profile.

The fitness assiduity is important when it comes to its support for EAA supplementation. Some argue that since the diet is varied enough to include every EAA from several different food sources, we don't need to condense with redundant amino acids. Others believe that supplemental EAAs can do prodigies for conserving muscle in a dieted state and reduce exercise related fatigue to a certain nominal quantum. This is where your fitness pretensions and training style come into the scene.

The group of athletes who most probably will get no redundant benefit from supplemental EAAs are eating in a calorie fat, norway training diet, and have a pre/ post drill mess full of protein and carbs. They don’t have to worry about losing muscle mass and can grow fine without demanding any supplemental EAAs. Again, if you ever train on an empty stomach, don’t have time for a post drill mess, or are presently trying to lose weight and get relief of redundant fat, EAAs can most surely be beneficial for you.

What do the EAAs help with?

- Whether you're performing cardio or weight training, during the fasted stage, EAAs can help you by preventing any muscle catabolism that might have any chances of occurring.

- It does not have any calories.

- This can help with anti oxidation benefits energy during a fasted stage.

- This might be due to lack of glucose that might be used during the workout sessions.

- It can also help build muscles and aid as a mass gainer.

- Anyone trying to slim down for the summer might need to cut out that protein rich post workout shake, replacing it with a drink rich in EAAs

- It is just as effective as a scoop of Whey Protein for muscle recovery and synthesis. Plus, the best part is that it does not contain any extra calories.

How can it aid your body?

Supplementing with EAAs can be salutary for anyone following an intermittent fasting routine as well, giving you peace of mind that you can go for a good amount of time that is nearly 16 hours without any food and not worry about burning any muscle. To put it simply, if you're eating in a calorie deficiency diet to try to get slender, your body is going to burn muscle along with body fat and EAAs main purpose is to help save as important muscle as possible without adding any redundant calories to your diet.

Where are EAAs found?

- They are found in both plant and animal proteins.

- The amount varies in both of them.

- The amount of EAAs present in a food will determine the protein quality of the food.

- Proteins are frequently separated into two orders:

1) complete proteins

2) Incomplete or deficient proteins.


- Complete proteins are those that contain all nine EAAs. Animal proteins are always complete proteins and are found in foods similar to beef, fish, flesh, eggs and dairy. There are also some factory- grounded foods that are complete proteins, similar as quinoa, soy and buckwheat.

- Incomplete proteins indicate that there is a deficiency of one or more EAA. For example, beans miss out on the nutrient methionine which is found in rice. It was once thought that incomplete proteins needed to be paired with the missing EAA at the same meal, but this is no longer considered to be true. Eating a huge variety of plant-based protein throughout your day can complete your required protein intake.

Why trust Bigflex?

We are a sports nutrition and nutraceutical brand for people who aspire to lead an athletic and healthy lifestyle. Our products are formulated after extreme research and there is an extra emphasis given on the maintenance of a superior class quality with an unmatched efficacy of its products.

Another thing that we really take pride in is our Make in India movement support. All our products are made with selected ingredients from India and are for the people of India.

Bigflex’s EAA-

OurEAA consists of:

We dispatch our orders on the same day of the order placed. The order reaches you within 5-7 days at your doorstep.

If we are unable to dispatch it within 7 working days of receiving it, we cancel the product and notify you with an email about the same. As for the payment, it will be reimbursed to you in the same manner as it was paid.

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