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Boron Proteinate increases free testosterone level and thereby promoting better libido & muscle gain.

D Aspartic Acid boosts total & free testosterone levels.

Korean Ginseng, Safed Musli, Mucuna Pruriens, Gokhru & Ashwagandha promotes better libido & sperm count.

L-Arginine & L-Citrulline promotes better blood circulation & thereby facilitate better sexual health.

Recommended Usage:

For adults, take 2 servings daily with a meal or as suggested by healthcare professionals.

What is Testosterone?

The most important male sex hormone, testosterone, is responsible for the healthy development of the male reproductive system.

It promotes muscle growth, bone density, and hair growth. It's also made in modest amounts in the ovaries, fat cells, adrenal glands, and skin cells of women.


What are the Normal testosterone levels?

Adult male testosterone levels range from 280 to 1,100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL), while adult female testosterone levels range from 15 to 70 ng/dL.

Every person needs to have their testosterone levels between this range failing which, there are dire health consequences that one would have to deal with. We shall further discuss the repercussions of not having the required level of testosterone in the body and what must be done to get them to the optimal level.


Problems relating to testosterone imbalance in the body?


Low testosterone levels in the body or colloquially termed low T levels in the body, can elicit a variety of health symptoms in men. Following are some of them:-



Testosterone levels decrease gradually with age in adult women, however, low testosterone levels can also bring up a variety of symptoms, including:


What are the foods you can eat to increase testosterone levels in your body?

Tuna is rich in vitamin D, which is known to affect the body with a longer vitality and testosterone production.

Egg yolks are another rich source of vitamin D which is testosterone boosting. Eat egg yolks to keep your testosterone levels in check.

When it comes to male hormone health, beans are extremely beneficial. Many legumes, such as chickpeas, lentils, and baked beans help with testosterone regulation.


What are testosterone boosters?

Testosterone boosters are dietary supplements that assist the body's testosterone levels rise. Male testosterone production peaks after puberty, but after 30 years, it tends to decline gradually or fast, depending on several other factors such as genetics and the amount of regular exercise that the body goes through.

Testosterone boosters can either raise testosterone production directly in the blood or block the conversion of oestrogen (the female sex hormone) to testosterone.


Is it safe to consume Testosterone Boosters?

Before you buy a testosterone booster, check the online reviews and make sure it's from a reliable, well-known supplement source. Only take the suggested dose and nothing more. If you have any other health concerns or are taking other medications, let your doctor know before consuming any product. Even though consumption of this supplement is not harmful, if taken in addition to other supplements, could be a problem. Hence, be cautious when mixing different medications with this supplement and consult your doctor.

Also, don't expect a testosterone booster or any other pill to "fix" your health and fitness problems for you. Your testosterone levels are influenced by how you eat and exercise more than you might imagine! And you must take both into account if you want your test-quest to be both safe and effective.


What is Boron?

Boron is a mineral that is found in food and various other forms in nature. Due to its medicinal qualities, many people take boron supplements as medication for treating ailments and keeping themselves healthy .

Boron is a beneficial ingredient that helps the body in building solid bones, treating osteoarthritis, as a guide for building muscles and boosting testosterone levels, and for further developing reasoning capabilities and muscle coordination.

Boron is likewise a critical part of the minerals that help in changing your body's normal creation of testosterone and estradiol, a sort of estrogen, both of which have vital bodily functions.


What are the benefits of consuming Boron supplements?

Boron plays an important role in vitamin D production and oestrogen metabolism, as well as influencing cognitive function, according to research. Boron supplements are sometimes also recommended for patients to help them with strengthening bone mineral density and to prevent and/or treat the following health conditions in alternative medicine:

Furthermore, boron tablets are said to improve athletic performance by increasing testosterone levels and decreasing inflammation.

Other positive impacts on the human body that are caused by an increase in testosterone levels due to boron supplements include:-


Some more interesting facts that might take you aback are:-


BigFlex pharmgrade healthy living boron (Testosterone boosting supplement)

BigFlex pharmgrade healthy living boron testosterone booster supplement aims at building strong bones, treating osteoarthritis, as an aid for building muscles and increasing testosterone levels, and for improving thinking skills and muscle coordination. It is also used as a medicine in many cases as recommended by physicians with a prescription.


How much dosage of this boron supplement is recommended?

It is recommended that you have only one tablet of this excellent boron testosterone booster supplement every single day. When used on a regular basis, it is proven to help you not only increase testosterone but also helps with maintaining bone strength and structure.


What is the amount of testosterone boosting Boron in one dosage?

BigFlex pharmgrade healthy living boron testosterone booster supplement has 3 milligram Boron proteinate per serving. This is the most optimal amount based on all the research findings on this subject till date.


Why trust the Bigflex with health supplements?

Bigflex is a sports nutrition and nutraceutical brand aimed at people who want to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Bigflex sports nutrition products are created and supported by research, with a focus on product quality and efficacy.

Thousands of people have put their faith in the brand and use the world class quality nutraceuticals on a daily basis. The brand is now renowned in the fitness industry to support all fitness enthusiasts in their journey to better health regularly.


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