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Since 2010, Big Flex has contributed significantly to India’s health and fitness journey. Over the years, using state-of-the-art technology and with the help of effective ingredients, we have developed numerous world class products for our fitness loving customers.

BigFlex Nutrition


Big Flex – Online Supplement Store for Bodybuilding and Fitness Products

Big Flex is a well-known fitness, sports nutrition, and nutraceutical brand in India for people seeking to live an active and healthy lifestyle. We are here to bring about progress and growth in the fitness sector.

Why Choose Big Flex Products?

  • We provide a smooth user experience, high-quality products and quick delivery as customer satisfaction and contentment is our top priority.
  • We are committed to providing genuine products at reasonable and accessible prices for all. We frequently have offers running to make products more affordable for you.
  • We have integrated various flavours of unique ingredients to achieve an unmatched taste, based on the desire to exceed your expectations.

Product We offer

We offer products for weight gainers, multivitamins and many other sports nutrition supplements. Some of our best selling products include Whey proteins, Mass Gainer, BCAAs, Creatine, Immunity Booster and Pre Workouts. Many prominent and leading supplement brands in India are recognized and supplied by us.

Product Reliability

Big Flex is a “Made in India” online supplement store where all of our supplements are created and research-backed, with detailed focus on the product’s quality and effectiveness.

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